• Day Tours around Yangon

    Full Days and Half Days showing the highlights of Yangon!

    Yangon Full Day Tour

    Spend the day with us and cover the highlights of Yangon! 69$ per person

    In this full day tour, our guide will take you to a few highlights of being in Yangon and give you options to choose from to how you want to spend your day in Yangon.


    Starting time 8 am, from your hotel. Duration is 7 hours.



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    Your Choice Half Day Tour

    Do your choice of 3 things in half a day!

    53$ per person

    You can choose which of the following you wish to do!
    Your options are:
    Pick 1: Breakfast at a teashop (or) lunch at a Burmese cuisine
    Pick 1: Secretariat (or) Bogyoke Zay
    Pick 1: Shwe Dagon Pagoda (or) Dala Ferry and 3 wheel ride


    Start time 8 am, from your hotel. Duration is 4 hours.


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