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EXPLORING MYANMAR FOOD - Top 5 the best street in Yangon that you don't want to miss out!

1. PORK STICKS (Wat Thar Dote Htoe)
It’s the most famous snack in Yangon and you will find these on every corner of the street in Yangon. Take a stick, dip into the soup and try with the ketchup.

Sticks | Yangon Food Tours

2. STUFFING BEAN CURD (Pal Pyar Asar Thoot)
Yangon is home to different varieties of food including these tasty beans gurd. Mixing of the cabbage with chili, lime, fish paste and shrimp paste is stuffed inside of the fried beans gurd.

Stuffing Bean Curd

3. COUPLE SNACKS! (Mote Lin Ma Yar)
These crispy snacks look cute and the taste is really superb. The main ingredient is the rice flour. Chick peas and spin onion are stuffed or you can find the quail egg in the center.

Myanmar food | Yangon Food Tour

It’s one of the famous breakfast in Myanmar and made with rice flour, butter, banana, peanuts and coconut. Taking a bite out of it will make you feel like celebrating.

Burmese Pan Cake

5. GANGSTER SNACK (Lan Tha Yel Mote)
This snack has a funny name and fresh vegetables are stuffed inside mixing with grand masala, spin onion and chili. You can find this snack around the downtown area and don’t hesitate to try it.

Gangster snack

Comment your favorite Myanmar food as below and let us know to introduce you!

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