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Things to do in Mandalay

· Mandalay

1. Visiting Inwa village

Mandalay Palace

Inwa village (Located in around 28 km from Mandalay) was imperial capital in Myanmar. Bagaya Monastery & Bonzan Monastery are two biggest Monastery which were built from 17th - 18th century here. Traveling to Inwa village could help you a rich knowledge to understand more about Myanmar history & cultural.

Besides that, Riding a horse cart is a highly recommend it for travelers who love experience Inwa village by new ways.

2. Climbing to Mandalay Hill

Mandalay hill

Mandalay hill which is far away from city and located at the outside of the downtown area. Mandalay hill is a famous place to visit in Mandalay for those that you will see as a bird’s eye view of the whole city, the surrounding moat, and various temples and pagodas at the top of the mountain. There also has Sutaungpyae Pagoda at the top of hill. If you can’t carry to be walking up the long stairs, you can also choose to take a taxi and an elevator to enjoy the Mandalay city's view. The period of time of climbing the staircase may take around 40 minutes.

As a recommend, don’t forget to bring water and a torch if you plan on scaling up during sunset. We highly suggest to stay until for sunset. Head to the top of Mandalay Hill, you can see an epic panoramic view of the Mandalay.

3. Walking on U-Bein Bridge

Ubein bridge

U-Bein Bridge is one of the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world that was built back in 1849. It is made by the local people to cross Taungthaman Lake. Walking on U-Bein Bridge is one of the bucket lists to do in Mandalay by the foreign visitors. Exploring all the things to do in Mandalay in the early morning is looking for the sunrise at the U-Bein Bridge. If you are a nature-lover, you will really enjoy the scenic views of the U-Bein Bridge. You can capture the photos of Myanmar local people’s daily life in the reflection of the lake.

4. Exploring to Mandalay Palace

Mandalay Palace

The Mandalay Palace is located in the heart of Mandalay. The Mandalay Palace which is also known as Mya-Nan-San-Kyaw among Myanmar local people. Don’t miss to visit the Mandalay Palace, it is a major symbol of Mandalay. There is a watch tower which you can climb to take in the view of the surrounding moat. If you’re interested to learn history, the Mandalay Palace is the best place that you can study all of the whole Myanmar history.

4. Visiting to Kuthodaw Pagoda

Kuthodaw pagoda is also known as the white book. This pagoda is made up of 729 stupas which contain a marble slab with Buddha scripts. It’s an interesting place to visit and you can capture such a wonderful pagoda and take a picture with you as a memory.

5. Enjoy Mandalay food

Mandalay is a second biggest city in Myanmar. That's why many people from different states who are currently working in Mandalay. They brought nice culture & food from their own hometown to this city. It makes the food are variety with many selections for both locals and foreign visitors.

Besides, You also can enjoy Mandalay Food Tour which helps you to travel around Mandalay by riding bicycles or sitting on the back of the tour guide's motorcycles. You will have a fulfill of an adventure in Mandalay. Do not hesitate to join it.

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