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    We are the first food tour company in Yangon.

    Food and Culture

    We love Myanmar food, culture and people and want you too as well. Come join us for our world famous food tours and experience Myanmar through taste and interaction with its people.


    We offer our traditional food tours at breakfast, lunch, and dinner accompanied with market tours. So if you are passing through Myanmar for a short time or long time we have a variety of options for you to enjoy. The city, food and culture is waiting for you!


    We are the first Food Tour company in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar, offering the most authentic local food and one of the top ranking tours in Yangon for over 5 years running on TripAdvisor. Our Foodie Tours are authentic Myanmar food covering from Burmese cuisines to street food. Book a tour with us to see why many travelers have chosen Yangon Food Tours to provide them with their best memories in Yangon, Myanmar.



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    All prices based per person. Minimum two people required.

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    Yangon by Night


    *The price will change depending on the number of people


    This tour is full of flavors as it covers a wide range of food that you will find throughout Myanmar!
    Firstly, at 6 PM from our meeting point, we will have a chance to walk to the small street of food stalls, you’ll explore many different kinds of food from our handpicked locations. Continue the trip, and we’ll taste the Samosa salad, an appetizer that will be hard to forget, one of the most highly recommended street foods in Myanmar available in two different forms – soup or dry. Then we will head to a popular local tea house shop where you can enjoy one of the best noodle dishes with a cup of Myanmar tea. You’ll see how the locals spend their time in the tea house shops. And then we will take a break on the flyover to enjoy the view of downtown Yangon and give you a chance to take some pictures and let the food digest. Next stop is big Burmese curries where you will try black bean sauce meat and famous Burmese salads and vegetable dishes. Finally the tour will end with a sweet dessert.
    You will experience at least 10 different types of food and snacks and we hope you will have the perfect Burmese dinner cuisine. We can’t wait for you to start your food tour journey with Yangon Food Tours.


    Food inclusive in the prices.


    Tour Length: 6 PM - 8:30 PM

    Meeting Point: Immanuel Baptist Church


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    Yangon After Dark


    Don't believe what you've heard about the quiet nightlife in Myanmar. There are plenty of packed bars where locals and expats hang out in the evening for some fun. This tour shows you what most people miss when they come to this up and coming city.

    This 5-hour tour explores the nightlife of Myanmar and allows you to feel the essences of 5 fantastic places. All of the places have been carefully selected by our team to deliver some of the best moments you'll have while traveling in Yangon. You'll get the chance to enjoy one of the best views of Shwedagon Pagoda as the sun sinks in the distance. You'll see where Myanmar young professionals chill out with their friends after a hard day at the office. Our tour will also share the unique culture and food Myanmar has on display. In a local taxi you'll zip through the streets with our experienced guide to enjoy local beer or cocktails and taste delicious food. Let us take care of everything! At the end of your amazing night, our guide will help you back to your hotel or you can stay at the last stop to enjoy a late night there. Two people minimum to enjoy this tour.



    - You will get to enjoy food at 2 places

    - 1st round drinks at every stop (5 STOPS).

    - Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

    - Groups of 2 transport is by taxi, groups of 3 and above transport by private mini van.


    Tour Length: 5:15 PM - 10:30 PM

    Meeting Point: Pick up at your hotel.

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    Lunch of Yangon


    *The price will change depending on the number of people


    Let’s be honest, traveling makes you forget to eat lunch and you can easily skip this important meal because of your excitement to explore the new things. However, your health is priceless, that’s why you should learn some delicious local dishes so you can easily grab them on the go when you explore the city the rest of your time in the city.


    Coming to our Lunch of Yangon tour, you will have a chance to explore the city & learn about the culture while eating the local dishes which you will fall in love with.

    11:30 AM, we’ll start this delicious trip by visiting a local food shop where you will taste must-try dishes like samosas. You will continue along your journey to discover the local treasures of food one stop after another. You will devour salads, noodle dishes and Burmese curries. The tour will end the tour with a visit to the tourist market called Bogyoke Aung San Market and some sweet snacks you should try. It’s a great way to spend a lazy day or to fill-in-the-gap between activities.


    We wish you all the best in Myanmar and hopefully we have a chance to see you in one of our tours again.


    Food inclusive in the prices.


    Tour Length: 11:30 AM - 2 PM

    Meeting Point: Immanuel Baptist Church

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    Taste of the Morning


    *The price will change depending on the number of people


    Enjoy a new day in Yangon by having breakfast with us. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    8:30 AM, your tour guide will greet and the meeting point, he/she will give you a quick brief of the route. Let’s wake up for the day with nanpya (local bread) and tea, sweet or bitter however you like it at the neighborhood local’s favorite tea shop. Next stop, you will experience traditional noodle dishes and other tasty dishes. One of them is Mote-Hin-Kha, a breakfast soup that is a staple of all Myanmar people’s diet! It takes many ingredients to make this delicious local fish noodle soup. This national dish is offered on special occasions and the taste can vary from place to place as each region of Myanmar can have their own special twist to it.
    Then, we’ll head to a wet market where Burmese come every day to shop for meat, vegetables, and spices. Our guide will negotiate with the vendors to get you tasty tea leaves. You will also get a chance to enjoy some fresh fruit in the market and enjoy the city at its most vibrant time.
    11:00 AM, we will say goodbye at the market and you can be on your way to other amazing
    experiences in Myanmar.


    Food inclusive in the prices.


    Tour length: 8:30 AM - 11 AM

    Meeting Point: Immanuel Baptist Church

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    Yangon Street Food


    *The price will change depending on the number of people


    Experiencing food is one of the most enjoyable things to do for travelers in Asia and it is no exception for Myanmar. Street food in Myanmar is something that acts as a quick snack for locals but is also a way to spend time with friends and enjoy conversation. But do you know where to find the best street dishes in Yangon on your own?
    Let’s wander the streets of downtown Yangon with our expert and friendly food tour guide.
    Firstly, at 4 PM at our meeting point, we will walk along narrow streets filled with food vendors,
    you’ll explore many different kinds of food from our handpicked locations. Continuing on the trip, we’ll enjoy a specific street food with Indian influence, a dish that can serve as an appetizer to ease the hunger before heading to a local tea house to enjoy a bowl of noodles which has contributed to the diversity of the myriad of local ethnic minorities, this is also a must-try dish while you are in Myanmar. Our last stop along the Yangon Street food tour consists of a Burmese’s dessert place.
    Let’s explore Yangon street foods to taste at least 8 different types of snacks and hope that you find with us a perfect way to complete your culinary exploration of Yangon.


    Food inclusive in the prices.


    Tour Length : 4 PM - 6 PM

    Meeting Point : Immanuel Baptist Church

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    Social Business Food Tour




    Many Social Businesses are springing up in Yangon that are helping create jobs and teach skills for Myanmar people. We have setup this special tour for you to many of these in 1 day. You will get to drink delicious coffee, eat yummy pastries, devour decadent local cuisine while also support a great cause. Come join us on this excursion that’s both good for the stomach and the heart.


    Food inclusive in the prices.



    Tour Length: 9 AM - 2 PM

    Meeting Point: Pick up at your hotel.

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